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What is Section Cut?

In the discipline of architecture, a section cut is an essential type of drawing; a single slice of a building. SC aims to be a web-parallel to this powerful drawing convention—in the same way that a drawing cuts through immense complexity to show a single moment, we aim to cut through the noise of the internet, straight to the good stuff.





Our resources range from hardcore architectural theory texts to beautifully designed products to everyday support for practicing designers.

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Some items are available for purchases (about half), which is how we support our mission without gross banner ads. Every item in our curated marketplace - every tool or text - is contributed by a trustworthy Curator who will tell you why it's so essential.

Who is a Curator?

A Curator could be you! We are a community comprised of many designers and architects, but not exclusively. The only requirements for participation are a sensibility and an opinion!

  • How do I become a Curator?

    Login and submit a link to something great via the curate button. We review all submission for quality of testimonial and categorization. After four of your resources are featured in the Collection, your profile will be highlighted on the Curators page.

  • Why curate?

    What you curate says something about you. Flex your expertise, catalogue reliable web resources and identify with your most cherished possessions - all in one spot.


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    We aim to make design culture accessible to all. Co-authored with top-notch Curators, our original interviews, tutorials, weekly section cuts, and sage counsel conspire to instruct and inspire - boosting your jams to the next level. No paywalls. Ad-free. Always.



    News nuggets and culture for design aspirants, adjacents, and experts. As long as you’re procrastinating, you may as well be current with all things architecture, culture, and technology!

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    Virtual Art Sessions

    Pwalcadml1pfqxbwmj4x  Posted by  Kyle Sturgeon

    Google has partnered with several artists, bringing them a new way to paint, draw and sculpt. The following interactive sessions show their first explorations in a 3D virtual environment. Watch them craft in virtual space,... Read more →

    Button link 539b56e9ad237c52e4210cb0170d0849604bbb2d54ca9fda226c58ebcaee4019   — via MIT Technolog...

    Robots are about to change the way buildings are constructed

    Pwalcadml1pfqxbwmj4x  Posted by  Kyle Sturgeon

    "The In Situ Fabricator1 is designed from the bottom up to be practical. It can build stuff using a range of tools with a precision of less than five millimeters, it is designed to operate semi-autonomously in a complex ch... Read more →

    Button link 539b56e9ad237c52e4210cb0170d0849604bbb2d54ca9fda226c58ebcaee4019   — via WIRED

    Amazing Things Architects Make When They Aren't Architecting

    Pwalcadml1pfqxbwmj4x  Posted by  Kyle Sturgeon

    "NOTHING IN ARCHITECTURE happens quickly. Designing a building takes ages, and actually building it longer still. That can frustrate architects, who have an almost compulsive need to design and create. Many of them turn to... Read more →

    Button link 539b56e9ad237c52e4210cb0170d0849604bbb2d54ca9fda226c58ebcaee4019   — via The Postillon

    "Börder Wåll": IKEA offers Trump an affordable solution

    Pwalcadml1pfqxbwmj4x  Posted by  Kyle Sturgeon

    "The Scandinavian furniture maker has offered the USA a practical, ready-made solution with “Börder Wåll”. All they need to do is pick it up in a van from the nearest IKEA branch and put it up where they want it to go. Tot... Read more →

    Button link 539b56e9ad237c52e4210cb0170d0849604bbb2d54ca9fda226c58ebcaee4019   — via Wikipedia

    Wikipedia - List of Common Misconceptions

    Pwalcadml1pfqxbwmj4x  Posted by  Kyle Sturgeon

    Win at trivia, win at life...

    Button link 539b56e9ad237c52e4210cb0170d0849604bbb2d54ca9fda226c58ebcaee4019   — via The Verge

    Leaked video shows new 'nightmare-inducing' wheeled robot from Boston Dynamics

    Os0xgbxbzcahrdlucbno  Posted by  Jono Bentley Sturt

    Just in case you were getting too much sleep at night, Boston Dynamics has upped the ante once again with robots which, presumably, will some day hunt us to our deaths. Happy hump day! Read more →

    Button link 539b56e9ad237c52e4210cb0170d0849604bbb2d54ca9fda226c58ebcaee4019   — via Uncharted Sup...

    The Hideaway | Uncharted Supply Company

    Gcmzsagmgm5s2nur0ppn  Posted by  Joshua Butkus

    Wondering what to do with all that waste foam from your last CNC project? Look no further.

    Button link 539b56e9ad237c52e4210cb0170d0849604bbb2d54ca9fda226c58ebcaee4019   — via The Dieline -...

    The Dieline

    Ve2aefxlgccjlizm7xlw  Posted by  Michael Alfonso

    This website showcases the best of product branding.

    Button link 539b56e9ad237c52e4210cb0170d0849604bbb2d54ca9fda226c58ebcaee4019   — via Co.Design

    Mapping The Collective Experience Of A City

    Pwalcadml1pfqxbwmj4x  Posted by  Kyle Sturgeon

    "City maps are handy for negotiating streets and subway stops, but they tell us little about the character of a place and how people use it." Read more →

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