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What is Section Cut?

In the discipline of architecture, a section cut is an essential type of drawing; a single slice of a building. SC aims to be a web-parallel to this powerful drawing convention—in the same way that a drawing cuts through immense complexity to show a single moment, we aim to cut through the noise of the internet, straight to the good stuff.





Our resources range from hardcore architectural theory texts to beautifully designed products to everyday support for practicing designers.

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Some items are available for purchases (about half), which is how we support our mission without gross banner ads. Every item in our curated marketplace - every tool or text - is contributed by a trustworthy Curator who will tell you why it's so essential.

Who is a Curator?

A Curator could be you! We are a community comprised of many designers and architects, but not exclusively. The only requirements for participation are a sensibility and an opinion!

  • How do I become a Curator?

    Login and submit a link to something great via the curate button. We review all submission for quality of testimonial and categorization. After four of your resources are featured in the Collection, your profile will be highlighted on the Curators page.

  • Why curate?

    What you curate says something about you. Flex your expertise, catalogue reliable web resources and identify with your most cherished possessions - all in one spot.


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    We aim to make design culture accessible to all. Co-authored with top-notch Curators, our original interviews, tutorials, weekly section cuts, and sage counsel conspire to instruct and inspire - boosting your jams to the next level. No paywalls. Ad-free. Always.



    News nuggets and culture for design aspirants, adjacents, and experts. As long as you’re procrastinating, you may as well be current with all things architecture, culture, and technology!

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    Investing in Creative: Does Your B2B Business Stand to Benefit from the Servi...

    Ttakzcovol5leowhpd5f  Posted by  Pravesh Maurya

    As it happens, during particularly important projects, even the multibillion-dollar corporations will often hire reputed creative agencies to direct their campaigns. Unfortunately, not every SME in the business sector real... Read more →

    Button link 539b56e9ad237c52e4210cb0170d0849604bbb2d54ca9fda226c58ebcaee4019   — via Muraliarchitects


    Sc default avatar ecxykb  Posted by  Murali Murugan

    A family of six, with three generations comprising of grandparents, parents and the kids, resulting in design variations in every aspect. The idea since inception has always been to keep the connection between the generati... Read more →

    Button link 539b56e9ad237c52e4210cb0170d0849604bbb2d54ca9fda226c58ebcaee4019   — via Ralf Schmitz ...

    Rendering and Reality

    Vicnfmasdsobfngkdbga  Posted by  Sven Schuermann

    Photograph or computer-generated image? It can be almost impossible to tell the difference. Is that an actual cloud? And what about the leaves on the pavement, or the classic car parked out front? The renderings of elegant... Read more →

    Button link 539b56e9ad237c52e4210cb0170d0849604bbb2d54ca9fda226c58ebcaee4019   — via Scott Deisher

    The Ultimate Workflow: Rhino to Illustrator Live!

    Sc default avatar ecxykb  Posted by  Scott Deisher

    Doodlebug is a plugin for Grasshopper (available on here, but be sure to instead download from here if you have Illustrator CC 2017) that acts as a live link between Rhino and Illustrator. Rather than... Read more →

    Button link 539b56e9ad237c52e4210cb0170d0849604bbb2d54ca9fda226c58ebcaee4019   — via ArchDaily

    A Brief History of the Impoverished Culture of Architectural Research

    Os0xgbxbzcahrdlucbno  Posted by  Jono Bentley Sturt

    "The paradoxical result is students growing into architects who think themselves to be researchers, but also believe research is what-everrr." A worthwhile read, helpful in framing the conversation—ultimately, much harder... Read more →

    Button link 539b56e9ad237c52e4210cb0170d0849604bbb2d54ca9fda226c58ebcaee4019   — via Work Futures

    10 Work Skills For The Postnormal Era

    N8xfepw8jkdjgge09lwn  Posted by  Kyle Sturgeon

    Futurist, researcher and analyst Stowe Boyd of Work Futures provides a compelling list of essential skills for impactful work.

    Button link 539b56e9ad237c52e4210cb0170d0849604bbb2d54ca9fda226c58ebcaee4019   — via Business Insider

    Do Plants Know They Are Being Eaten?

    N8xfepw8jkdjgge09lwn  Posted by  Kyle Sturgeon

    "According to Modern Farmer, thale cress produces mustard oils that are mildly toxic when eaten and sends them throughout its leaves to try to keep the predators away. The research also revealed that when the plants felt... Read more →

    Button link 539b56e9ad237c52e4210cb0170d0849604bbb2d54ca9fda226c58ebcaee4019   — via Dezeen

    'Ocean Cleanup' will begin extracting plastic from the Pacific in 2018

    N8xfepw8jkdjgge09lwn  Posted by  Kyle Sturgeon

    "The team will use a floating barrier to slowly push the plastic to shore. This update of the initial design, which was recognised at the Designs of The Year awards in 2015, will be weighted to move with the current instea... Read more →

    Button link 539b56e9ad237c52e4210cb0170d0849604bbb2d54ca9fda226c58ebcaee4019   — via CityLab

    Designing for More Effective Protests

    N8xfepw8jkdjgge09lwn  Posted by  Kyle Sturgeon

    "A flash competition in New York City asks designers to come up with way to make protests stand out as they become more frequent."

    Button link 539b56e9ad237c52e4210cb0170d0849604bbb2d54ca9fda226c58ebcaee4019   — via Nytimes

    Ai Weiwei's Latest Artwork: Building Fences Throughout New York City

    Aocfyw4pkjrzyoj0rvwr  Posted by  Maryam Eskandari

    Ai Weiwei, the provocative Chinese artist, will build more than 100 fences and installations around New York City this fall for “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors,” one of his most large-scale public art projects to date. T... Read more →

    to curate, catalog, and share