Manage Your Day-to-Day

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Ej1gdj2eeamr0donxnun  Curated by  Megan Panzano

Pithy and easy to read, this book on strategies for enhancing efficiency and output in an independent practice is a gem. The clarity and quality of the creative advice collected within counter the potential paradox posed by putting design work aside to read a book about how to work better. Bullet-pointed “Key Takeaways” at the end of each chapter synthesize bigger ideas into easily-digested sound bites that I’ve repeatedly re-referenced in the management of my own design work and in my quest for optimal design efficiency and performance in the face of time limitations and information overload. Refreshing anecdotal essays by seasoned creative professionals also help to wipe away suspicions that we are alone in the challenges posed by practicing independently. The diversity of thinkers assembled here acts as a mini section cut of creative professions, including segments by professors, bloggers, writers and practitioners. The writers charge the reader to step to the professional plate by establishing an unrelenting working routine, prioritizing one’s most challenging work first, balancing mindful and mindless activities for enduring focus, and to tune-out inputs in order to truly tune-in on what is important with actionable advice to better design our working lives. So, I leave you with the provocative call-to-arms title of the last chapter: “How Pro Can You Go?” Read it and find out.

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