Section Cut is happy to be the hinge for this studio in two parts, across the Atlantic. This set of pages will help students from the University of Michigan’s Taubman College and the Architectural School Paris Val de Seine communicate, share resources, and track each other’s progress.

NOTICE BOARD exists mainly to hold the schedule for the studios, but any major shifts in plans or coordination will be called out here.

RESOURCES collects and stores books, websites, online tools, and anything else relevant to the studios’ pursuits. If you notice anything missing, please add it! Curate it as a resource (at top right of the page), then email Jono—he’ll add it to the page tout de suite.

SHARE is linked to our shared Google Drive folder. Unfortunately this is download-only, so if you want to add anything you will have to do so through your Google Drive page. However, if you’re looking to browse what’s already been created, this will work just fine.

#GRAMS is a bit less formal—as your work develops, post to instagram with the hashtag #StudioMontparnasse and it will be collected here.

APPEAR.IN*, last but not least, is our dedicated video chat room. Whether you’re six hours ahead, six behind, or just don’t want to leave your house to have a conversation with your studio mate, this space is here for you.

*NOTE: This feature works best with Chrome as your browser, and may require a restart to function fully. No download needed!