The Section Cut

Lecture Series

Fall 2015

Each week, we put out a set of themed resources, coordinated with the architectural academic calendar. From site planning to diagramming to scale figures, we outline the most essential tools students need to excel, vetted and volunteered by our international team of Curators.

Track these weekly Choice Cuts, and use them as you punch your way into the stratosphere. You're the astronaut - we're just here to be your booster rockets!

8/17/2015 Penny Savers & Cheapskates

8/31/2015 Pro Starter Kit

9/07/2015 Inspiration Station

9/14/2015 Head, Hand, Stylus, Surface

9/21/2015 Designing with Climate

9/28/2015 Mapper's Delight

10/05/2015 Diagramming Grab-Bag

10/12/2015 Play Tectonics

10/12/2015 Why so Formal?

10/26/2015 Mega-Movers

11/02/2015 Building Systems Basics

11/9/2015 Making in Real Life

11/16/2015 Visualizing Big Data

11/23/2015 Hot XMas

11/30/2015 Tools of the Trades

12/7/2015 Get Lit!

12/14/2015 #ShortGame

12/21/2015 The Finishing Touch

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