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MIIM Designs

Modern Mosque

Maryam Eskandari is a woman, a Muslim and an architect. She doesn't want to be defined by any one of these words. But taken together, the three strands of her identity are shaping who she is and what she does. Maryam Eskandari is re-examining how mosques should be designed in North America.
- Mary Hynes

Since the devastating day of September 11, 2001, mosques in America have been in the forefront of the architectural landscape in America. There has been lots of confusion about the architectural vocabulary of these institutions from the initial development back in the 1950's.


Maryam Eskandari, founder and principal of MIIM Designs, sat down with CBC Tapestry’s Mary Hynes to discuss how Mosques in North America are shaping the landscape. Eskandari talks about the research that MIIM Designs has conducted and is further developing on mosque designs. Some of the topics that are discussed are the fundamental parts of a mosque that can be articulated without the elements we usually identify with them (domes, minarets, gendered prayer halls), external considerations – identity, politics and gendered negotiated spaces – that continue to influence American mosque architecture.

Original Interview from CBC Radio

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