"Your own high performing GPU workstation, on-demand."

Big Fluffy, your friend in the cloud, is a service that gives you access to your own high performing GPU optimized workstation, on-demand. This is something I've been working on and dear to my heart. An offspring from Section Cut! Launch a virtual computer or computers when you need it and turn them off when you are done. Working on a cloud computer is so easy, it is essentially like viewing another tab on your web browser. Everything is automatically saved and ready for use, the next time you sign in.

Designers, Architects, & Engineers

Like every designer I know, we have one too many projects and not enough time to juggle our passion and daily lives. Big Fluffy stems from a pure frustration with the inefficiencies inherent in design practices that include the speed of 3D renderings and the lack of computing power in small practices. So much time is being wasted just waiting for software to queue up or trying to multitask on a slow machine. I thought to myself, How can I maximize my efficiency and help other small businesses?

The goal is to offload as much of the heavy lifting tasks to the cloud while maintaining maximum control over the work and still continue to be at a high level of productivity on my local machine. This meant a traditional cloud rendering service just didn’t cut it. I needed to adjust, re-design, and 3D model as I continue to run test renders. Like in school, I needed more computers!

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To be in the design and engineering fields, running advanced modeling and design software is an everyday practice and a top of the line computer is essentially required. The Macbook Pro, in today’s industry is the de facto standard as a minimum requirement. Just to put things in perspective, a Macbook Pro at 4 cores is roughly $2,500, and the Mac Pro at 6 cores is $4,000, and the Dell PowerEdge, which closely resembles the spec on Big Fluffy Pro is $10,000. Big Fluffy Pro at 32 cores is priced at $8.50 per hour. The goal here is to make the accessibility to a high performing computer available to designers and small businesses.

"On average, a single Big Fluffy Pro machine is equivalent to an entire small office!"

With Big Fluffy, I can now work remotely on my Macbook Air or Dell 13” XPS but with the power of a supercomputer. Moving at lightning speeds with a full suite of softwares that I use everyday which include 3D Studio Max, Rhino, Sketchup, Adobe Suite, Grasshopper, Vray, and Maxwell. Never again will the limitation of my hardware be a strain on my time, design, or wallet.

Beta now!

We are currently in the nitty-gritty of writing software and building out the product. But ultimately, we need user feedbacks to really refine and fine tune these machines. We have private beta users now and Big Fluffy loves you! Please reach out to me at, and if you are interested in early access to join our beta group.

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