Extend Your Senses!

Analog Tools in a Digital Era

Digital tools are vital, but sometimes in order to really understand phenomena we have to get a bit closer. That's where analog analysis tools come in handy. Something special happens when we connect our brains to our hands. In essence, hands-on is minds-on. Moreover, these analog analysis tools can help us really engage with and record phenomena in our environment. We can adequately record and/or verify without complicated instruments. Yes, some of these tools are 'digital' in that they use digital technologies. But all can only record real data IRL. In effect, all of these tools serve as the conduit to expanding the human sensory apparatus. See in infrared! Measure precise temperature and humidity levels in the air! Track the sun!


Demonstration of an infrared thermal imaging camera during the Fall 2015 Intensive Week at the Boston Architectural College. Photograph by the Author.


Environmental systems analog analysis instruments in the wild. Image by the Author.


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