Rahul Mehrotra

Rahul Mehrotra is an architect, urbanist and educator who is the Founder Principal of RMA Architects. He is Professor of Urban Design and Planning and former Chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. Mehrotra has designed projects that range from recycling urban land and master planning in Mumbai to the design of art spaces, boutiques, weekend houses, factories, social institutes and office buildings across India – thereby engaging diverse issues, multiple constituencies and varying scales: from interior design and architecture to urban design, conservation and planning.

For this first episode of our GIANTS! page, Dan and Kyle travel to Harvard’s Graduate School of Design to speak with Rahul Mehrotra about the future of design education, the role of curation in today’s world, craft in architectural work, and the true meaning of Christmas… ok, we may have added that last one.
We highly recommend sitting back, relaxing, and absorbing the dulcet tones of Rahul’s reflections. His experience as both an accomplished practitioner and a celebrated figure of academia make Rahul the perfect person to kick off this series, where we poke and prod the brains of highly respected individuals in the fields of design. Below you will find the resources Rahul brings to our attention in the interview; all super primo stuff!

The conversation spans numerous scales and modes of thinking, so we hope you’re ready for an engaging first foray into the land of GIANTS!

Rahul's Resources

There you have it, our first GIANTS! post. Any comments on the conversation? What other figures qualify as GIANTS! to you?

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