Mark Pasnik & Chris Grimley

"There is a kind of collective mind that I think can do a lot more than the individual. And that to me is much more interesting as a model for thinking about how to behave in the world than saying, you know, there's the genius figure who does everything and solves every problem; that just doesn't really happen."
-Mark Pasnik

"We want our audiences to work at getting their knowledge...we've made graphics that really require effort to understand. For us it accomplishes two things. For one it makes you slow down a bit and really engage with an object or get something out of it; the other thing is slightly tongue-and-cheek way of criticizing the pervasiveness of curation or the pervasiveness of data"
-Chris Grimley

In this episode, Chris and Mark recount the formation of over,under, the quest for civic work, developing exhibitions, the salty politics of Boston in the 1960s, and of course, spirit animals. A fascinating conversation with a truly innovative and expanded architectural / design practice!

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Heroic: Concrete Architecture and the New Boston


over,under is a Boston-based interdisciplinary practice with expertise in architecture, urban design, graphic identity, and publications. Our approach is structured around six working points that we implement in all projects, which range in scale from books to cities. Every project benefits from the varied professional experiences of the principals and their collaborators, resulting in designs that are intelligently shaped by a co-dependence of process and product. The firm's designs, research, and the exhibits of its pinkcomma gallery have been widely published.

If you make it to the end, here's the Honey badger video discussed by Chris. Worth a watch.


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