Malcolm McCullough

Malcolm McCullough is professor of architecture at Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan, where he teaches architecture and media arts. McCullough is the author of three widely read books on digital design: Digital Ground (2004), Abstracting Craft (1996), and Digital Design Media (1991, with William Mitchell). He latest book, Ambient Commons – Attention in the Age of Embodied Information, was published in spring of 2013. Prior to joining Taubman College in 2001, McCullough taught at Carnegie Mellon University, and for ten years at Harvard Graduate School of Design. As his writings are often used in design teaching, McCullough has given invited lectures in more than 15 countries. – Taubman College

In our second episode of GIANTS! Jono spends the afternoon with Malcolm McCullough in the studios of University of Michigan’s Taubman College. Throughout the talk Malcolm reveals his intrepid thoughts on the world of information superabundance, how we perceive the world around us, the role of education in forming critical thinkers, and narrowly avoids an in-depth discussion regarding the implications of arctic methane burps.

Malcom notes his own meaningful life resources that expand beyond SC’s usual logic of discrete items, to include practices such as travel and long form reading. He provides a few explicit resources as well, which you’ll find organized below.

Given the immediacy and magnitude of implications based on Malcolm’s poignant observations, you’ll want to spend some time with this one, you may even want to listen twice. Enjoy!

Malcolm's Resources

Thanks again so much to our second GIANT, Malcolm McCullough for the truly enlightening interview. Any comments on the conversation? What other figures qualify as GIANTS! to you?

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