Infra Eco Logi Urbanism: A Project for the Great Lakes Megaregion

Section Cut is happy to announce we're giving away five copies of Infra Eco Logi Urbanism, the hot new release from our latest GIANTS, RVTR!

To enter the giveaway, tag @Section_Cut on Instagram with a shot of your most embarrassing summer read using #SCDontJudge

We're confident a fresh copy of this book will offset your romance novel/young adult fiction/trashy magazine quotient by several points! Check out the competition:

This is an incredibly instrumental book for anyone working at the regional scale—though based on the Great Lakes Megaregion, the frameworks it provides help position this daunting scale of “site” in actionable terms. Additionally, the work's position regarding “utopics” is pretty inspirational, and a kick in the pants for anyone feeling jaded by the current state of architectural discourse. It also happens to contain some of the most beautiful maps we've seen in recent years—and that's saying something.

Many thanks to Kathy Velikov and Geoffrey Thun for the recent chat (which you can listen to here), and for kindly donating these copies so our community can become better/smarter/stronger.

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Five winners will be selected at random and notified by direct message. Winners' names and profiles will be published in a future edition of our SC Dispatch newsletter. Entries are accepted from readers in any country across this small world of ours.



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