Collecting is a universal compulsion. There is power in it. We all collect, to various extremes and through various media: physical objects, digital files, pictures… the list goes on. We do it because it helps us better understand ourselves as well as provide tangible control over the world we explore. What we elect to collect and how we organize that matter, or archive it, draws connections among collected things that frame our thoughts and experiences. With this weekly, enjoy a Meta-Collection: a collection of great reads on collection on a site collecting design resources (“Meta” to the max!). All resources are diverse collections themselves – an essay on the collecting objects, a collection of varied approaches to design work, a book on the history of thought across disciplines, and a catalogue of one contemporary artist/archivist. These resources challenge the perceptual status quo of ‘design’ and inspire by including influences normally thought of as external to our practice. Explore this collection and prepare to have your horizon broadened!

Megan's Section Cut

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