Start Small, Think Big

I was recently awarded the 2015 Haile Fellowship by People’s Liberty to design and implement two net-zero affordable tiny homes in the Over-the-Rhine district of Cincinnati, once the 2nd most densely populated urban neighborhood in the US after Manhattan. Today the region suffers from issues found in many midwestern, post-industrial cities such as abundant vacant lots and depopulation. While large-scale investment can address these issues, it is typically only for a select demographic. This project will provide an opportunity for any individual to invest in the neighborhood in which they live through affordable homeownership.

The resources curated in this Weekly provided shots of inspiration, a unique point of view, and emphasized the possibilities of starting small. From the sublime to the practical, this Weekly will inspire any individual operating in post-industrial conditions of today’s cityscape to rethink the big impact of their small acts.

People’s Liberty is “a philanthropic lab that brings together civic-minded talent to address challenges and uncover opportunities to accelerate the positive transformation of Greater Cincinnati.”
– Brad Cooper

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