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What is Section Cut?

In the discipline of architecture, a section cut is an essential type of drawing; a single slice of a building. SC aims to be a web-parallel to this powerful drawing convention—in the same way that a drawing cuts through immense complexity to show a single moment, we aim to cut through the noise of the internet, straight to the good stuff.





Our resources range from hardcore architectural theory texts to beautifully designed products to everyday support for practicing designers.

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Some items are avaliable for purchases (about half), which is how we support our mission without gross banner ads. Every item in our curated marketplace - every tool or text - is contributed by a trustworthy Curator who will tell you why it's so essential.

Who is a Curator?

A Curator could be you! We are a community comprised of many designers and architects, but not exclusively. The only requirements for participation are a sensibility and an opinion!

  • How do I become a Curator?

    Login and submit a link to something great via the curate button. We review all submission for quality of testimonial and categorization. After four of your resources are featured in the Collection, your profile will be highlighted on the Curators page.

  • Why curate?

    What you curate says something about you. Flex your expertise, catalogue reliable web resources and identify with your most cherished possessions - all in one spot.


    designers are

    born and bred.

    We aim to make design culture accessible to all. Co-authored with top-notch Curators, our original interviews, tutorials, weekly section cuts, and sage counsel conspire to instruct and inspire - boosting your jams to the next level. No paywalls. Ad-free. Always.



    News nuggets and culture for design aspirants, adjacents, and experts. As long as you’re procrastinating, you may as well be current with all things architecture, culture, and technology!

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    Is Liberty University's New 'Freedom Tower' Just a Big Ol' Dick or Nah

    Hyra0rcuz1rxv3h5gs8w  Posted by  Dan Weissman

    "The new building will be completely erected by 2017 and will pump God’s love through the entire campus, reminding students that he rains his affection down upon them every time they glimpse its bulging tip thrusting towar... Read more →

    Button link 539b56e9ad237c52e4210cb0170d0849604bbb2d54ca9fda226c58ebcaee4019   — via chicagotribun...

    Northerly Island Park: Beguiling lakefront landscape justifies Daley raid

    Hyra0rcuz1rxv3h5gs8w  Posted by  Dan Weissman

    Studio Gang + SmithGroup+Army Corp have mostly completed the transformation of former Miegs Field into a public park..."See ya later, airport for politicians and the privileged class. This land is now your land, Chicagoans." Read more →

    Button link 539b56e9ad237c52e4210cb0170d0849604bbb2d54ca9fda226c58ebcaee4019   — via Google Design

    Evolving the Google Identity

    Uu31atowenm5ujg9n3qm  Posted by  Robert Yuen

    The behind the scenes on the evolution of the new google identity ! Covering the 3 main elements: Google Logotype A sans serif logotype that retains our distinct multi-color sequence. Dots A dynamic distillation of th... Read more →

    to curate, catalog, and share