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Kathy Velikov & Geoff Thun

In this episode, Geoff and Kathy recount the amusing formation of RVTR, writing grants to get clients, their recent book, and of course, spirit animals - or in their case - spirit geologies. Tune in for a fascinating conversation behind the scenes with a truly innovative research-based practice! ...

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Week of May 9, 2016

Welp, we’ve made it! The semester comes to a close. Now that you’re off to new pastures with some peace of mind, this weekly section cut is here to support your next big move. First and foremost, archive all that great work of the semester with our ‘…Like a Pro’ HOW TO! Then, whether it be a competition, a licensing exam, or a brand spankin’ new startup, gear up for The Real Thing, baby. Take a breath, have faith in your training, and buckle down with these tried and tested resources. ...

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Welcome to The Future of Architecture, Created by The Inspired Minds and Voices of The Now

How To Architecture! is a design competition which invites students to reflect on contemporary culture and to do it with architecture. Leafing through headlines, lists, captions, zooming in and out of feeds, bold fonts, and articles made of images: we participate in the age of the listicle. Culture flashes before us—an extension of ourselves: the superabundant reel. As the cycle of consumption whirs on, architecture still stands. What does architecture say; how does it feed you? Tell us what you think! Tell us How To Architecture! ....

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Students from the disciplines of landscape and architecture co-mingled in this exploratory studio-based workshop session. The goal of this exercise was to fortify students' digital design tool-belts via a quick burst of exuberant representation, 'rendering' a critical experience emerging in their current proposal. Building upon Section Cut's popular 'HOW TO: Make a Sexy Rendering', Jono and Kyle led students through a representation workflow ...

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Jono Bentley Sturt is Creative Director of Section Cut, founder of the design studio HTCHBCK, and frequent contributor to Archolab, an award-winning architectural research collaborative. He holds both a BS and Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan’s Taubman College, where he currently teaches. Jono has worked at architecture firms both domestic and international, and is based in Detroit, MI.

He desperately needs to update his website.

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Your Weekly Does of Design

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What Is Concrete?

Hyra0rcuz1rxv3h5gs8w  Posted by  Dan Weissman

"When we think concrete, we usually picture white pavements, swimming pools, and building foundations. Most of us aren’t aware of concrete’s fiery volcanic origin story, or that concrete is a $100 billion dollar industry. ... Read more →

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The Fastest-Growing U.S. Cities: The Latest Numbers

Pwalcadml1pfqxbwmj4x  Posted by  Kyle Sturgeon

"rom 2009-11, Americans seemed to be clustering again in dense cities, to the great excitement urban boosters. The recently released 2015 Census population estimates confirm that was an anomaly. Americans have strongly ret... Read more →

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Zumthor heralds return of handmade architecture

Pwalcadml1pfqxbwmj4x  Posted by  Kyle Sturgeon

Venice Biennale, y'all! "The hand is back," he said. "Everyone says that manual labour is dying and the computer is taking over, but no, the computer is just a slave and we are doing the work with our hands still." -via ... Read more →

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Welcome to Disturbia

Pwalcadml1pfqxbwmj4x  Posted by  Kyle Sturgeon

Why midcentury Americans believed the suburbs were making them sick. "The science may be sounder, but the tone of moral approbation from the 1950s still clings to many polemics against suburban life." Read more →

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What will our growing megacities really look like?

Pwalcadml1pfqxbwmj4x  Posted by  Kyle Sturgeon

"Will we live in buildings made out of waste, heavily surveilled smart cities, or maybe floating communities designed to cope with rising sea levels?" Terreform, Blade Runner, and the City of Blubber. Read more →

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Innovation in Architecture Starts with the Perfect Pitch

Uu31atowenm5ujg9n3qm  Posted by  Robert Yuen

Co-Founder Robert Yuen, featured on Architect Magazine today on his involvement with the Equity by Design group at the AIA National Convention 2016 last week. Sharing some of his experiences building Section Cut, BigFluffy... Read more →

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Dear Future Young Architects ... Please Quit Screwing Around!

Hyra0rcuz1rxv3h5gs8w  Posted by  Dan Weissman

This is great. Just great. "Most importantly, stop letting architects from another generation bully you into thinking you must have an architecture license and that expensive AIA membership, because you really don’t need... Read more →

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Still Standing

Hyra0rcuz1rxv3h5gs8w  Posted by  Dan Weissman

"The history of duckpin is a murky pond. It was long believed that the game emerged around 1900 from a Baltimore gaming hall owned by John McGraw and Wilbert Robinson, future members of the Baseball Hall of Fame. But resea... Read more →

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The war over Chesapeake Bay

Hyra0rcuz1rxv3h5gs8w  Posted by  Dan Weissman

SC's very own Marilyn Moedinger and family have found themselves at the center of water restoration in the Chesapeake Bay basin project. A fascinating read about what is "perhaps the most ambitious—and, some would say, ov... Read more →

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On Time is Late - Universal Truth

Os0xgbxbzcahrdlucbno  Posted by  Jono Bentley Sturt

This very small picture is that of a guy who knows what he's talking about. Any time I've had work done by his business, VGKids, I have been more than pleased with the results, and this enjoyable little piece of writing... Read more →


What is Section Cut?

In the discipline of architecture, a section cut is an essential type of drawing; a single slice of a building. SC aims to be a web-parallel to this powerful drawing convention—in the same way that a drawing cuts through immense complexity to show a single moment, we aim to cut through the noise of the internet, straight to the good stuff.

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