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Make It Through Architecture School

Being successful in architecture school takes more than just a keen eye for design, and the ability to sketch. Success comes from being disciplined in combining multiple factors that are needed to succeed in school and in the profession of architecture. The realization for these tips emerged from re-occurring roadblocks in my own architecture school education, and in working with my classmates. ...

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Diagramming Grab-bag

Week of FEBRUARY 01, 2016

Whether you're looking to arm yourself with new tools during a calm before the storm, or facing the final push of a studio deadline, Section Cut Curators recommend dialing up these resources to do your best diagramming and representation work. Check out both sets of resources—one half ready to help you out right now, the other half as longer-term skill-building investments. ...

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SC+ AIAS 2015 Forum 'BOSS LEVEL'

AIAS teamed up with Section Cut and invites the attendees to abstract and reinterpret the familiar. It starts with the basic, but will quickly transform into an intricate imaginary world. After manipulation of digital photography, you will underlay and extrude abstracted images to construct novel terrain. We will evaluate and occupy these newly constructed sites as if they were levels of a video game – infused with speculative program, atmosphere, and narrative. The workshop will explore the combined capabilities of Rhino and the Adobe Creative Suite, providing ....

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Landscape detective, plant nerd, agricultural research enthusiast, and beekeeper. Connie is interested in the intersection between food production and the landscape it inhabits, and the way design can improve that interaction for producers, consumers, flora and fauna.

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Your Weekly Does of Design

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How Minecraft is Inspiring the Next Generation of Young Architects

Hyra0rcuz1rxv3h5gs8w  Posted by  Dan Weissman

"In essence, Minecraft can encourage a more democratic, populist approach to making architecture. This is a concept that Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, founding principal of the firm BIG, asserted in his film Worldcraft, ... Read more →

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Use A 3-D Printer? You Should Read This Study

Hyra0rcuz1rxv3h5gs8w  Posted by  Dan Weissman

"First, make sure your fab lab is well-ventilated. Second, try to limit your exposure when you're using ABS and nylon-based materials. But the authors end by pointing out that the onus is on the industry to develop new, no... Read more →

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How To Design For Autism

Hyra0rcuz1rxv3h5gs8w  Posted by  Dan Weissman

A fascinating glimpse into specialized design processes with special attention to light, sound, and air. " Lighting is an important consideration in any space, but for CADB's patients, it was even more critical. For some p... Read more →

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Here's a Crazy Comparison Between RAW and JPEG

Hyra0rcuz1rxv3h5gs8w  Posted by  Dan Weissman

Be a smart photographer - knowing when to use RAW and JPG starts with knowing what the difference is! Petapixel illuminates.

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This Ringed Bridge in Uruguay Is Awesome for so Many Reasons

Hyra0rcuz1rxv3h5gs8w  Posted by  Dan Weissman

"According to Viñoly, the aim of the construction is threefold. First, the ring shape should reduce vehicle speeds. Second, the curved design encourages drivers to enjoy a panorama view. Finally, an inner circle walkway sh... Read more →

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Putting Buildings On Hydraulic Legs Is the Ultimate Flood Protection

Hyra0rcuz1rxv3h5gs8w  Posted by  Dan Weissman

"We are slowly hurtling towards a dystopian future where cities raise themselves on hydraulic legs to begin the long hunt for resources. Only, in this case, replace cities with greenhouses, and the only resource being hunt... Read more →

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daqri brings 3D visualization to the construction site with augmented reality...

Hyra0rcuz1rxv3h5gs8w  Posted by  Dan Weissman

"the ‘smart helmet’ realizes the potential of augmented reality and 4D technology with an influx of visual aids to help at any worksite. with onboard intel microprocessors, the helmet can identify a user in any space witho... Read more →

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Antidote to Modernism: Feifei Feng's Bespoke Intervention on Slab Housing in ...

Uu31atowenm5ujg9n3qm  Posted by  Robert Yuen

Curator Feifei published on Archdaily! "By blurring the boundaries between public and private, actors and spectators, life and art, the drama is an exploration of “a theater without theater,” an on-going pursuit of avant-g... Read more →

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Fine print: Kwambio is an online retailer creating 3D-printed goods

Hyra0rcuz1rxv3h5gs8w  Posted by  Dan Weissman

"Kwambio's overarching idea is that designers and clients can forge a new relationship by allowing customers to customise the final design, printing only the items ordered rather than keeping a set inventory. This alleviat... Read more →

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2016 #BACcitylab · TheBACBoston

Pwalcadml1pfqxbwmj4x  Posted by  Kyle Sturgeon

CityLab Intensive immerses all incoming Boston Architectural College students in a series of field-based exercises across the City of Boston. Interdisciplinary student teams work alongside instructors and practitioners - t... Read more →


What is Section Cut?

In the discipline of architecture, a section cut is an essential type of drawing; a single slice of a building. SC aims to be a web-parallel to this powerful drawing convention—in the same way that a drawing cuts through immense complexity to show a single moment, we aim to cut through the noise of the internet, straight to the good stuff.

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